• 10/30/2019

    "10 000 Years of Luxury" exhibition opens at Louvre Abu Dhabi

    10,000 Years of Luxury is organized by Agence France-Muséums, Musée des Arts décoratifs and Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  • 10/01/2019

    Appointment of Hervé Barbaret as Chief Executive Officer of Agence France-Muséums

    The Board of Directors of Agence France-Muséums unanimously appointed Mr. Hervé Barabret as new Chief Executive Officer of ...
  • 06/17/2019

    Louvre Abu Dhabi announces four major exhibitions for its forthcoming Season "Changing Societies"

    Louvre Abu Dhabi’s 2019-20 season will launch in September and includes four exhibitions to explore how the arts ...